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About Our Church

A Word from Pastor & First Lady

The Year 2023 was a year of adversities, challenges, and more blessings as the Lord entrenched our ministry with his glory and power. As a START family, we stood on the profound word of God, whereby the Lord was our strength, hope, and provider. We truly relied on the Lord for provisions, preserving and protecting us daily.

The Sounds of Expectation were embraced within my spirit as we started 2023 with a word from God regarding a year of Reformation. We trusted God that there would be a change for the betterment of those who truly believed and took ownership of God’s word. Aligning and understanding our assignment was relevant as we requested God to improve upon our well-being and spiritual walk. Weekly, we exposed more of God's glory and God's love as he was showing many the value of his Holy word, to LOVE him, yet wanting more of his spirit and power. 2023 was a year of possibilities, where we have seen the God whom we serve do the impossible and impart his Glory in us. Our Expectations were grounded and surrounded by our faithfulness to the faithful one who always keeps all his promises as it relates to the START Ministry family and motto of Changing Lives Through the Word of God. My sounds of expectation as the Pastor consisted of knowing that the Lord has promised us that our faith in him shall never be put to shame. Therefore, better and greater days lie ahead of us. I am thankful for the Lord reforming us, transforming us, and keeping us safe in his hands throughout 2023. As we continue to move forth in our journey of life, I want the Lord to continuously fuel us with the firer from Glory to praise and worship him and have a true relationship with him. Be grateful that we are still Kingdom Minded, Kingdom Equipped, and Kingdom Powered to fulfill our works and dreams in 2024. The year 2024 consists of us building stronger relationships and helping others as we grow and develop as servants of Christ.

the Faith

As we analyze our future of greatness, we must comprehend that God is a God of action who wants to do great and wonderful works in our lives– that is why we must pursue greatness and know spiritually that God has chosen us. We must strengthen ourselves this year of 2024, be totally sold out for God, and do not lack in our faith, works, and growth. We must allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.

In 2024, God is going to give us an illumination of understanding, an overpowering of his will as he strengthens our hearts.  Furthermore, an infusion of spirituality shall overshadow us, this consists of a formation of Christ embedded his love and power in our soul and an implantation of grace. The year of Greatness shall be expanded upon each of us as we are restored and seeded with His Holiness. Even though our true roots are out of sight, the holy anointing oil that is in our earthly vessels shall become a lantern in a dark world. STRENGTHEN YOURSELF for Greatness as your life changes a generation of people.

On behalf of First Lady Tammy and I, we truly believe and anticipate 2024 to be a year of breakthrough, healing, deliverance, and manifestation of God's glory as his people become more strengthened and established in their purpose. This year, focus on the GREATNESS of GOD for yourself, your family, and your ministry. Now is the Time to allow the spirit of the LIVING GOD to rule and empower you for your place in the Kingdom of God. It is significant to call upon your spiritual partners and become greater together in prayer, word, and gifts to work for Christ.  Moving Forth and becoming the servant that the Lord birthed you to be is what we want each person to acknowledge as they see miracles beyond miracles taking place at the START Ministry. Because of your personal relationship and spiritual shift, 2024 will be the year of GREATNESS as souls are transformed and added to the Kingdom of God. Thanks be to God for the spirit of Favor, Faith, and Fellowship with God.


The members’ faith and spirituality increased as many struggled with unforeseen tragedies, loss, death, and brokenness. Without a shadow of a doubt, We know that the Lord has shown us his grace, love, and favor throughout every storm each of us endured. The Lord has been good to us despite what we went through. Our works for the Lord have been uplifted because of the love and support that we have shared with each other and in our community. The year 2023 consisted of “Sounds of Expectation” while we prayed and cried to the Lord to enrich our lives and especially the lives of many who endured mental, spiritual, and physical health issues. We have seen the miracles of God at the START Ministry weekly through the Word of God and faithful Saints who were committed to the Power of Prayer. We prayed and the Lord showed His favor as many have recovered from their sickness and emotional issues. I can say thank you Lord for all that you have done for our church family and community of worshippers.  

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